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Vancouver Glass is a clear reflection of an established and reputable Vancouver company. We have built our reputation for 60+ years on great quality and impeccable service to residential and commercial clients alike. Our team at Vancouver Glass continually strives to stay current on trends and technologies in the glass industry. This provides our clients with high quality, innovative glass products and services. With a progressive perspective, Vancouver Glass can give you unprecedented turn-around on custom projects. We use the industry’s latest in specialized equipment to produce their glass products and provide exemplary service for them after the sale.

Whether your project is small or large, straightforward or complex, Vancouver Glass can create the exact mirror image of your needs in glass. If you have a vision for a project that another company has turned down or thought impossible, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at our creativity in fulfilling your vision. We welcome the challenge of innovative applications of both residential glass and commercial glass. We know that these will become the rising stars of our company’s glass products portfolio and continue our progressive growth as a dynamic Vancouver company.


The expertise of Vancouver Glass lies equally in our ability to fulfill residential and commercial glass product needs. At home, we create custom cabinet doors, table tops, glass showers and skylights and mirrors of any size, shape and colour. We routinely fix foggy, cracked or broken windows so that you can see clearly once again. In commercial applications, Vancouver Glass can be an integral partner in creating the architectural beauty of your new project. For your business or storefront, we can create showcases that are showstoppers, shelving and cases for display and railings and barriers for traffic and safety considerations. Vancouver Glass fulfills glass projects for the home and in commercial settings that are limited only by your imagination or ours. The possibilities to create your vision in glass are endless.

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Why Do Birds Fly Into Glass?

Ever found a beautiful bird dead outside your home? Chances are it smashed into your window and never recovered. For every dead bird you find, just imagine how many were snatched up by a cat or pulled into the brush by some other critter. Worldwide, window collisions kill close to a billion(!) birds every year. With spring migration currently underway in the northern hemisphere, now is as good as ever to make your home bird more....

From Sand to Glass – 100% Recyclable

Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled an infinite number of times without loss of quality, strength and functionality.

‘Downcycling’ and landfill can be avoided – making container glass a valuable eco-friendly packaging material. In addition, for a glass manufacturer, the use of cullet (recycled glass) is extremely beneficial. Cullet is the technical term the industry uses for crushed glass and is a very important secondary raw material. Aside savings in virgin raw material consumption, around 2.5 – 3%read more....

From Sand to Glass – Types of Glass

Glass can be devised to meet almost any imaginable requirement. There are many different types of glass with different chemical and physical properties and each can be made by a slight adjustment to its chemical composition. For many specialized applications in chemistry, pharmacy, the electrical and electronics industries, optics, the construction and lighting industries, glass, or the comparatively new family of materials known as glass ceramics, may be the only practical material for the engineer to more....